Realizing and Revitalizing

I’ve always loved art, more specifically video game art. Concept art. While researching the topic this morning I ended up on a forum dedicated to the sketchbooks of people looking to pursue careers in concept art. I was blown away. The next thing I know I’m clicking on a link to hundreds of free art e-books. I downloaded one or two, looked through them and something finally clicked. I’ve been saying I love art for the past however many years but this morning made me realize that there’s much more to it than that. People say things all the time that they truley intend to or think that they mean but deep down they fall short.

Most of the names of the artists who’s work was listed in the links I had absolutely no idea who they were and I had never heard of them. One name in particular was Aubrey Beardsley(above image). I would come across another name, look it up, another, look it up. That’s when it really hit me. My interest in art had shriveled up like a neglected plant. My curiosity had been crushed years ago and I didn’t even realize it until that moment. I could relate it to putting on a set of blinders. Getting so caught up in the action of doing something and not really knowing the purpose of doing it. There’s a lot more to art than just the action of doing it. Looking at a handful of composition studies made me realize that. You can’t read a quarter of a book and say that you love it. I feel like I’ve been doing that for a really long time with art. For me personally, there’s quite a bit that I still need to learn before I can truly say that I love it and have that hold weight. One thing I can say though is that my fascination has once again taken root.

I have neglected and refused to study any sort of art for a very long time. After seeing the amount of effort and dicipline that these people have displayed through sketches alone, along with everything else going on in my life… I can finally say that I’m excited to take that step.